Dewalt Random Orbital Sander Review

DeWalt DWE6423K Random Orbital Sander Review

The world of random orbital sanders is populated with so many brands and models, which makes it pretty difficult to identify a good quality product. Users are often faced with the problem of finding a unit that provides a comfortable experience while doing a great job. If you’re looking for the best random orbit sander … Read more

Different Types of Sanders And Their Usages


Whether a professional or DIY person, one cannot simply deny how much of a lifesaver a sander is in making the monotonous and time-consuming job of smoothening surfaces into an easy task. But like everything else, this simple device depending on their purpose is seen to appear in different varieties. Hence like me if you … Read more

How to Use A Belt Sander Properly?

How to Use A Belt Sander

A belt sander is considered as the initial step in smoothing a wooden face. So, grab a belt sander from the nearest market and start fine tuning wood, Right? Hold on!! Wait a second. Do you know that if you are unable to operate the sander properly, you may end up turning the expensive piece … Read more

Best Spindle Sander Reviews 2019 & Beyond

Best Spindle Sanders Recommendation

Are you tired of those awkward marks on your wood pieces? Then look no further! The spindle sander comes as the perfect solution for those issues. An oscillating spindle sander is a woodworking machine capable of producing those smooth and clean finishes you’ve always wanted. Long are the days when we had to spend a … Read more

How to Sand Drywall? ( Easy Techniques)

How to Sand Drywall

It might seem to you that sanding drywall is a piece of cake, but it’s time for you to snap out of the illusion. A lot of hard work and time needs to be invested in order to get your desired result. If you are unsure of how to carry out the task, we will … Read more

How to Use an Orbital Sander?

Using an Orbital Sander

In the last segment I have covered the various type of sanders found in the market, and briefly elaborated the diverse application for which they are employed. Thereby in this article, I will directly dive into the world of orbital sanders and try to paint for you a clear picture of what they are, their … Read more