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Sanding is an indispensable part in woodworking. While the handheld sanders work well in tricky situations; the benchtop devices come with an all-around solution. Thetabletop units often include a disc sander along with the regular belt sander. So, they are like a 2-in one combination tool. The belt sander will sand the large pieces comfortably. Likewise, the disc sander is for sanding the small pieces effectively. Moreover, these machines are flexible, compact and convenient. Most of them are readily adjustable and havea work table that tilts up to 45 degrees. The features may be intriguing and mesmerizing. However, finding the best benchtop belt sander is no short walk in the park. To buy the best unit, you must have some knowledge about the tool. It will give you a clear idea about the things that you should notice before buying. Here, I am to educate you about this magical tool. I have written a vivid buying guide to help you out. What’s more, I am going to review the top 7 products in the market as well.Wait no more and start reading the article to know all about the best benchtop sanding machine.

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What is a Benchtop Belt Sander?

If you are not into woodworking, you might be wondering what a Benchtop Sander is all about. Allow me to introduce you to this incredible tool. It is a stationary machine that consists of a large, adjustable sanding belt. The sanding machine usually comes with a powerful motor that lets you precisely sand the workpieces. For sanding larger boards, it has a movable platen. The premium benchtop sanders usually include a large sanding disc as well. You can flatten faces and edges of a longboard quickly with the disc. It also allows you to sand the curved edges easily. In addition to this, it features an adjustable work table. You can tilt the tableup to 45 degrees. As a result, it is easy to do angled, and bevel cuts using a benchtop belt and disc sander.

Our Best Benchtop Belt Sander Reviews

I have promised earlier that I am going to review some of the top products in the industry. It will help you to develop some basic knowledge about the top products out there. To aid you in the selection process, I have tried to provide you with the top contenders reviewed possible. However, if you have any beef with my opinion, do let me know.

1. RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5″ Disc Sander

Dear readers, we have a very flexible belt and disc sander in the first position. It is from a well-known brand named Rikon. If consistency and convenience are your key requirements, this power tool will definitely stand out from the rest. It will allow you to sand a wide variety of projects effortlessly. The item has compact shape. Also, it weighs less than 20 pounds. As a result, you can easily move and maneuver it. The machine comes with a belt table that can be tilted up to 45 degrees. Plus, it is nearly 6 inches in diameter. Just like the premium models, it features a 5-inch disc too. This thing comes with two platens, one of which is adjustable up to 45 degrees. Also, there is a backplate for providing extra support. Surely, you will enjoy more flexibility in working with it. I will not say it has the most powerful motor, but it is strong enough to perform most of the sanding tasks.The machine performs quietly. Luckily, this unit has a safety switch. Always turn it off after using the device to prevent an unexpected accident. It contains a 2-inch dust port for dumping the shavings. Two vacuum ports have also been included for disposing of the debris. The item has a relatively small footprint. Therefore, it won’t occupy much of your spaces. In spite of having so many exceptional attributes, the item won’t cost you a fortune. It comes in pretty affordable price tag. Arguably, it is the best budget benchtop belt sander. Special Features

2. POWERTEC BD4600 Belt Disc Sander

The Powertec BD4600 is an ideal machine for small and mid-range projects. It comes in a very reasonable price offering too. This one is designed to last long. It sits on a cast iron base which is very durable. The dimension of the work table is 6 ½” x 8 ¾”. It allows tilting up to 45 degrees.

To ensure precision, the makers have installed a miter gauge with the table. It will help the user greatly during angled sanding.

Incredibly, you can adjust the belt platform from 0° to 90°. It lets you do vertical and horizontal sanding with ease. There is a quick release tension lever for conveniently changing the belt.

This machine comes with a 4.3 amp induction motor which is reliable enough to provide consistent performance. Amusingly, it also features a 6-inch disc. The rpm speed of the belt and disc are 1900 and 3600 respectively.

On the downside, it gives out loud noise which may give you a wrong impression about the machine’s productivity. Though the machine is a fantastic choice for DIY projects, it will lag in bigger projects. Hence, I do not recommend it for large-scale sanding tasks.

It weighs only 37.8 pounds. The shape suggests that it won’t take much space.Some folks have reported that they had trouble in aligning the belt for the first time; while most other users expressed their satisfaction over the product.

Special Features

3. WEN 6502 Belt and Disc Sander

Wen brings the best benchtop sanding belt in this model. The belt is 4 x 36 inches wide. So you will face no difficulties in doing larger projects. It also adjusts from 0⁰ to 90⁰. Thus, you can smoothly use it in vertical or horizontal position depending on your needs. The belt is accompanied by easy support system for holding the workpieces. What’s more convenient is the stress-free replacement system. A spacious sanding belt often causes a problem during replacement. For conveniently changing the grit paper, the makers have provided easy tension release lever system. In addition, you will get a 6-inch disc sander for effortlessly smoothing the end pieces.It comes with 80-Grit Sanding Belt and 80-Grit Sanding Disc. The 4.3 amp motor has ½ HP and is capable of rotating 3600 times per minute. This unit has a proper dust extraction system. It comes with a 2.5-inch dust collection port. All you need to do is to attach the best dust collector in the port for removing the sawdust without any hassle. There is a tracking knob near the belt and a bevel knob near the work table for more safety. The device also has easy on/off switch. Special Features

4. Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander

We have a combination sander tool in the fourth position that serves a dual purpose. It comes equipped with both the belt and disc sanders. The specifications are identical to our number three entrants. You will have a belt platform that tilts from 0 to 90 degree. It will allow you to do both vertical and horizontal sanding. More so, the platen of the disc sander lets you sand beveled edges.It can flex up to 45 degrees allowing you to have a more intricate finish. A miter gauge is included with the work table to ensure meticulousness. On top of that, the belt tensioning mechanism is very swift. It will provide ease in operation. The sanding table may be sturdy, but it is not difficult to move. This is because the table is removable. As a result, it is possible to store the device in your preferred place easily. However, the product is not lightweight. It weighs 41 pounds. So, it will be a hassle to transport it. Nonetheless, the weight makes the device more stable. This benchtop tool features a 4.3 amp induction motor. The bad news is that the power delivery is not satisfactory. Hence, the device is not suitable for large scale projects. It also makes a lot of noise. Certainly, it is not thebest benchtop belt sander for metal. Nevertheless, it will turn out to be an ideal tool for woodworking firstly because it is a two in one tool.It also provides a large surface for continuous sanding. The product will also save you time and energy.It has an attractive and compact design too. Special Features

5. Palmgren 2″ x 42″ Belt, 6″ Disc Bench Finishing Machine

Coming up next is a solid and powerful combination sanding machine. It will amaze most of the users with its superior performance and enhanced functionality. The belt is 2 x 42 inch wide.You can operate the belt in either the vertical or the horizontal position. It has a speed of 4400 SFPM. Amusingly, the belt changing system is fast and easy. Also, there is a 6 inch PSA abrasive disc with 3500 RPM. Fascinating, isn’t it? Well, even more captivating is the fact that this belt and disc sander comes with tilting work tables. A miter gauge is included too. This exclusive direct drive combination tool has a strong 3.5 amp motor with 1/3 HP. It is capable of working under pressure and won’t bog down in crucial moments. In terms of functionality, this guy will do wonder. Not only sanding, but you will also be able to do grinding, polishing, finishing, beveling and even contouring with this precious little device. No matter whether the workpiece is made of wood, plastic or composite elements, you will be able to contour it with the machine. It can do both the ferrous and non-ferrous metals too. Moreover, the device is supported by a rigid cast iron base. As a result, the machine is stable. It provides vibration-free performance. For extracting debris, it comes with a 1.5-inch dust collection port as well. By looking at all the attributes, it will not be an exaggeration to refer to it as the best benchtop belt disk sander. Special Features

6. JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42-Inch 3/4-Horsepower Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc Sander

Nowadays many benchtop belt sanders accommodate a disc sander. But, not all the combination sanders provide high-quality disc sanding facility. Surprisingly, the JET J-41002 comes with an 8-inch premium disc sander. You can sand, grind or finish large work pieces on the disc with perfection. Another standout feature is the deluxe miter gauge. It may be a small part, but it has great significance in a sanding machine, especially in terms of precision. The makers have given a lot of thought in developing a unique, top-notch miter gauge. It turns and locks for up to 45-degree angle, both left and right.You can use the gauge for both the belt and disc sander. However, the slot is relatively smaller. The model has an abrasive belt unit that works like a jig-saw. It removes material and finishes it simultaneously. Resultantly,it helps in doing odd shapes and angles precisely. The belt size is 2 x 42 inches and has 3100 of SFPM. This thing comes with a removable platen. So, you can easily do tricky pieces by removing it. The cast iron tilting table is very adjustable. The disc table is 10-3/4 x 7-1/2 inches wide and tilts up to 45 degrees. It has a heavy-duty steel base to ensure durability. The weight of the whole assembly is 60 pounds. Consequently, this machine will give a noise-free performance. I liked the rubber feet. It is a great safety feature that will keep your floor spotless. If you accidentally fall over the machine, this rubber will protect you from having rough cuts on your body. Lastly, it has an adjustable dust deflector and dust chute that will take care of the shavings. This thing has all the qualities of being the best benchtop belt disc sander. The only major issue is that it is difficult to assemble the device for the first time. Special Features

7. Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander, 1 x 30-Inch

The Grizzly H6070 is all about comfort and flexibility. It is a belt sander that includes a 5-inch disc sander too. There are sanding tables adjacent to both the belt and disc sanders. Both the tables supporttilting from 0 to 45 degree. Consequently, it is effortless to do the angled cuts with this combination tool. Furthermore, the inclusion of removable belt platen makes the device more versatile. It also has an idleroller guard that gives smooth contour sanding experience.Also, the tables are wide enough to accommodate your workpiece. It comes with dual dust ports which is another great advantage. The product weighs around 22 pounds. Its compact shape made it an appropriate tool for sanding small and detailed areas. There is a 110V, 1/3 HP motor with an RPM of 3450. So, power delivery is sufficient and there is no vibration. Sadly, some parts of the material are made of cheap plastic. So, there are slight issues with quality control, especially in the construction. Special features

Before You Buy, What to Look for

Everybody wants to purchase the best units. However, buying the best benchtop belt sander is not that easy. In fact, if you are an amateur, you may fall for any attractive advertisement and end up buying an inferior device.

It is therefore vital to know the key factors to consider during the selection process.


The first thing to consider is the adjustability of the belt. A few models allow the users to tilt the belt up to 90 degrees. It will help you immensely in cutting the round edges. An adjustable belt is capable of reaching the corners and sides of the wood pieces effortlessly. You will be able to do more detailed finish as a result.

Also, you should check the adjustability of the work table and platen. Remember the golden rule- the more adjustable your sanding machine will be; the more flexibility and functionality it will provide.


A common complaint by many customers is about the power rating. I think, the problem doesn’t lie solely with the machines, but it also lies with the users. Many people overburden their tool with gigantic tasks which are beyond its capacity.

You need to first ask yourself this question- why I need a belt sander? I need this tool for running what kind of errands?

If you want to do small sanding jobs such as shaping the toys or sharpening the knife; any regular sanding device will suffice. But, for doing heavyweight tasks, you need a powerful motor with high rpm.


A top rated benchtop belt sander must be user-friendly.

But, how to determine that?

By looking at certain attributes, you can determine how much ease a sander will bring to you. To begin with, try to buy a unit that is easy to assemble. The best option is to buy one that comes pre-assembled.

We have already outlined adjustability as a must-have criterion. Additionally, you should be able to adjust the tool easily. Whether you want to tilt the table or changing the angle, you must be able to do it comfortably. Most of the first-class tools come with a miter gauge for your convenience. It ensures accurate measurement.

While operating a belt sander, you inevitably have to change the belt once it wears out. Therefore, the replacement process should be easy. A tension release lever will let you simply do the job.

Another feature which will guarantee convenience is the belt tracking system. A sanding machine with superb belt tracking system will save you time and energy by enabling you to center the belt easily.


A versatile sander is adequately flexible. You can tilt the table up to 45 degrees and adjust the device to do a variety of shape. Many top-rated tools come with two tables for extra functionality.

The premium benchtop machines include the belt and disc system both. What’s more, the best benchtop belt disc sander should incorporate a belt with good tilt; and a disc with a wide diameter. If the width is large, it will allow you to sand large workpieces made of wood or metal.


Many people nowadays look for powerful motor. In their pursuit, they end up buying a tool that weighs more than average products. It is obvious that a high-end motor will increase weight. But, you shouldn’t buy the one that is excessively heavyweight.

It will give you a tough time in balancing the device. The device must be portable also.


It is a good indicator for easily determining the quality of a unit. If you want a durable product, check whether the material is robust or not. The table and base of a heavy-duty belt sander should be made of steel or cast iron.

Safety Measures

Nobody should overlook safety features. Some models do come with extra safety measures. It indicates that the makers have really given a lot of thought in the production phase. An additional safety measure such as a switch lock or a disc guard may save you from fatal accidents.

Dust Collection

Benchtop sanders with poor dust collection system may lead to health hazards. The dust may infiltrate the air and lead to air pollution. Wearing a face mask is not sufficient for saving you. Hence, you need to choose a tool that comes with excellent arrangement for collecting dust.

A benchtop machine with good dust management system will keep the wood shavings in a dust port safely. It will improve the air quality and extend the life span of your machine.


Budget is important. The expensive belt sanders offer many more facilities that are otherwise unavailable in ordinary units. Therefore, you need to decide the features you must have in your tool. It will help you to determine the budget.

Brand Value

If you want a belt disc sander that will perform satisfactorily and last long, you have to buy the product from a renowned brand. Prominent brands have a nick for producing reliable products. Some of the famous brands were RIKON, Grizzly, Wen, DeWalt and, Jet.

Tips for Using Benchtop Belt Sanders

A lot of people start sanding without knowing the right procedure of doing the task. Hence, they sometimes suffer injuries and other times damage the machine. So, you should know the correct procedure of using the tool.

Sand in a downward motion and stroke gently. There is no need to put excessive pressure. Rather, sand with the grain of the wood and let the motor do the talking. If the wood piece is too small to hold in the sander, do not sand it.

Adjust the table height when you are doing the angle cuts. The table will also help you in cutting large pieces.

Another crucial factor for perfectly doing the job is to keep proper footing and balance.


Care, Use, and Maintenance

Purchasing the best unit is not everything. A sophisticated device needs to be looked after with care as well. Even if you can’t afford the best benchtop belt sander, you can still yield out top-class performance from your average device by carefully maintaining it.

Here, I am throwing some useful tips on maintenance.

  • Use high-quality extension cords.
  • Adjust the belt before using the machine every time. The adjustment should neither be too tight nor too loose.
  • Do not put an oversized item for sanding in your device. Always go for the recommended size prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Check out for loose papers while operating the disc. Never use the device with loose papers.
  • Inspect the plugs regularly and clean them. It is a vital task if you want your machine to perform like a beast.
  • Only use the recommended accessories and attachments. I advise not to buy cheap aftermarket products.
  • You can use an air hose to clean the drum.
  • Regularly inspect the belt and replace it when it gets unusable. Belts are usually affordable so they will not overburden you with a high price.
  • Disconnect the power cord when you want to replace the belt. There is a release lever for safely removing the belt. Take out the belt from the roller only after releasing the tension.
  • Similarly, center the new belt on the roller and release the lever. Do not plug the device on before attaching a new belt.
  • The platen may become rough with time. Check them from time to time and change them if necessary.
  • Check out for dust and debris. Lubricate the device gently.
  • When you are finished, switch it off. Unplug the device after using it.

Safety Practices

You need to take necessary precautions while working with a power tool. Below is a list of safety practices that might be beneficial for those who work with a benchtop sanding machine.

  • The first thing to do is to read the instruction manual. In addition to general safety rules, there might be some specific safety instructions for using a particular sander. In such cases, the user manual will help you with the necessary safety instructions.
  • If the benchtop tool comes with specific assembly instructions, follow them.
  • It is better not to wear loose fit clothes while you are working with a belt sander. Tuck them in and roll the sleeves. Make sure; there is no chance of your cloth getting stuck in the belt.
  • As you sand any wooden or metal object, a spare part from it may come out and hit your face or eyes. To keep them safe, always wear a protective goggle and a face mask. After all, nobody wants to have a permanent scar on their face or damage their eyes.
  • Likewise, wearing a pair of safety gloves will keep your hands safer.
  • Also wear protective hair coverings, especially if your hair is long.
  • Do not stand on the machine. You might be wondering who will do this kind of stuff! Well, some people did incur injury after accidentally tipping the device.
  • Do not use the tool under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Operating this thing requires complete attention. Therefore, do not approach the task with an absent mind. If you didn’t have a good night sleep, get some rest.
  • Buy the one with correct belt fitting. Also, the belt adjustment system of the device should be accurate.
  • Maintain a clean workspace. It will be ideal if the place has sufficient air circulation.
  • Some machines come with additional security features such as lock buttons or wheel guards. I suggest you always to use them.
  • You can sharpen knives with the sander. But, you have to hold it correctly.
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe clean sawdust from the device. Alternatively, you can use the sole of an old shoe to take out the grim.
  • Do not leave the machine unattended.
  • Keep it away from kids and pets.
  • Most importantly, do not use the device in a damp or wet environment. Also, keep it protected from the rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to tilt the work table?

Most of the work table has a turning knob for adjusting the table to your preferred angle. Rotate the knob until it fixes the table on the right angle. Usually, rotation occurs when you loosen up the handle. After fixing it on the correct position, tighten it up by rotating it in the opposite direction.

Q: Which one is better, a lightweight tool or the heavyweight one?

Well, that’s a tricky question. A lightweight unit is very maneuverable. But, a heavy machine delivers stable, noise-free performance. The machine will not vibrate or move when you sand.

Q: Does it support materials other than wood?

You can sand other materials like plastic or metal. But, you have to use abrasive sandpapers.

Q: How much important is the power delivery system?

It is very important. Otherwise, your device will lag during demanding situations. A benchtop belt sander without a powerful induction motor is nothing more than a piece of junk.

Q: How to buy a cost-efficient sander?

The best option is to buy a benchtop belt and disc sander. It will serve the purpose of a belt sander and a disc sander, both. Hence, it will save money, effort and time.


A benchtop belt and disc sander is a reliable companion for the woodworkers. However, the wrong ones will mess up their workpieces and will spoil their projects.

Therefore, if you are into woodworking; always aim for buying the best benchtop belt sander. I hope that my article will help you in your quest.