Best Spindle Sander Reviews 2019 & Beyond

Are you tired of those awkward marks on your wood pieces? Then look no further! The spindle sander comes as the perfect solution for those issues. An oscillating spindle sander is a woodworking machine capable of producing those smooth and clean finishes you’ve always wanted. Long are the days when we had to spend a lot of time and effort doing it by hand. Now, using one of these tools, fixing rough edges and removing marks is an automatic and quick process. Looking for the best spindle sander has gotten us here, with seven incredible tools worth considering buying. Let’s go through our best oscillating spindle sander review to learn what these tools have to offer.

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What’s Oscillating Spindle Sander Used for?

The spindle sander often doesn’t have the recognition it deserves. It is one of those tools that could go unnoticed, but after trying it, woodworkers realize how effective it can be. Plenty of well-known and popular manufacturers have taken noticed of it, and now the market has many of these machines available. But what does it do, exactly? Well, the oscillating spindle sander is capable of producing flat and smooth finishes on wood. By using a cylindrical drum with sandpaper as cover, the spindle sander is capable of removing unpleasant marks, and it takes care of rough edges as well. The spindle sander best advantage is the capacity to sand curved edges in a secured way. Using one of these tools reduces the risk of distorting the stock’s shape, which used to be a concern for woodworkers. The spindle sander ensures there’s no place for unwanted marks on the furniture.

Types of Oscillating Spindle Sanders

When looking for the best oscillating spindle sander, you’ll find there are three types of these machines. Most of them fall under the next categories:
  • Floor Spindle Sander
The construction of these spindle sanders makes them the largest you can find on the market. Because of the large size, you must prepare a certain area in your workshop to store it without becoming an obstacle. Floor spindle sanders are most suitable for larger projects.
  • Bench-Top Spindle Sander
These machines are easily the most popular spindle sanders between the other two. You can mount it over a bench-top or working table because of its compact design, which makes it highly portable. If you have a workshop at your home, this type of spindle sander is the best you could get because it doesn’t consume much space.
  • Portable Spindle Sander
If your job requires moving the spindle sander constantly, choosing one of these portable machines is the way to go. However, there are certain disadvantages. For higher portability, these spindle sanders sacrifice speed and power. It is a small setback that could keep you from doing big projects, but it is also a sacrifice to let you move it around freely.

Our Top 7 Picks For The Best Spindle Sander

Next, we’ll take a closer look at our best picks for the oscillating spindle sander. There are plenty of options, but which one is better? Let’s find out.

1. W1831 Shop Fox Oscillating Spindle Sander

The W1831 model from Shop Fox is a clear example of what every professional and amateur woodworker should expect from these tools. You can tell it is a well-designed product from the moment you first get your hands on it. Right after getting it out of the box, we receive a machine ready and prepared for use. This spindle sander doesn’t require us to spend a lot of time putting its pieces together, which is an incredible advantage for people that are using it for the first time. It works with a 3.5 AMP motor, which allows this sander to provide a top performance under different sanding applications. We have to mention is incredible design as well. It weighs 30 pounds, making it one of the best spindle sanders available on the market. The lightweight allows you to place it over the bench top and use it comfortably. It is a compact design that gives us the possibility to put it on different surfaces, and it adjusts easily. Once it is turned on, we notice that, regardless of its lightweight, it is still a sturdy spindle sander capable of performing a smooth operation. The only downside we could find was that it produces certain noises while working, which is something that could turn out to be annoying for some workers. But still, once you use it a couple of times, you’ll learn how to use it without paying too much attention to the noise. After that, the Shop Fox W1831 will provide plenty of benefits for your project. It is, undoubtedly, the best spindle sander for the money you’ll find.



2. WEN AT6535 Oscillating Spindle Sander

By adding five sanding sleeves sizes, this spindle sander seeks to assist woodworkers in completing a variety of projects. These five sizes are 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 1-1/2-inch, and a final 2 inches size. For the power source, it features a motor capable of providing 2000 rotations per minute, while the spindle oscillates about 58 times per minute using a 5/8-inch stroke. The considerable power capacity combined with the sanding sleeves, make this spindle sander one of the best tabletop oscillating spindle sander. However, it does present some issues, like producing certain noises while operating. These noises aren’t frustrating problems, though. After a couple of working sessions, woodworkers get used to it, and the spindle sander’s performance doesn’t let down in other areas. Like, for instance, the spacious table of 14-1/2 by 14-1/2 size, which bevels up to 45 degrees. The beveling is a smooth and natural operation that allows you to adjust angled workpieces. Additionally to the beveling work table, it also includes the dust port, ten functional throat plates and four sanding drums made of rubber. All of these included pieces are designed for woodworkers to have a comfortable performance. More so, if you like to have your working space organized, you’ll appreciate the onboard storage as well. It maintains the accessories and sandpapers at an accessible location where they won’t become uncomfortable while you’re working. Other than the small noises it produces, the WEN AT6535 doesn’t have any issues. It is a highly recommended spindle sander worth considering. Without a doubt, it is one of the best tools you could get for the money.



3. Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander

This oscillating spindle sander is a bit of an acquired taste for many woodworkers. It is suitable for sanding arcs and curves, as well as plenty of other irregular shapes, but once you take a closer look to it, it doesn’t provide any innovation from past models. It features a 3.5 AMP motor with no load speed, capable of working at 450W. Once it is at full capacity, it can produce 2000 revelations per minute, and a 58 OPM speed. The motor capacity puts this machine right alongside most spindle sanders. Additionally, it has onboard storage where you can keep every spindle accessory and the table inserts. The construction of this machine is another plus worth mentioning. The top features cast iron. For the base, however, is molded plastic. It might not be that strong, but during our operations, it resisted very well under a lot of pressure and abuse. One of the most noticeable advantages of the TSPS450 is how the oscillation is capable of increasing material removal without losing accuracy. On most materials, the machine provides a solid performance, and it is capable of handling them with ease. As an example, after using it for a plywood project, the spindle sander delivered a clean operation without issues. The material was 3/4-inch plywood, and the result was quite satisfying. After that, it was clear that the machine can leave clean finishes not only on plywood but also on materials that are more challenging to handle. We mentioned that the TSPS450 spindle sander doesn’t provide innovative ideas that make it shine over the rest, but it is still a reliable machine to get the job done.



4. Grizzly G0739 Oscillating Spindle Sander

The Grizzly G0739 was a revelation because it is an incredible tool for people that are initiating their way into the business, but also for those who already have some experience using spindle sander. After comparing it with other models, it is noticeable that this one has a rather high price for a spindle sander of this quality. Nonetheless, it comes with plenty of benefits like easy to set up, incredible accuracy and it is highly reliable. It displays a compact design that makes it one of the best tabletop spindle sanders. The reasoning behind that is because the compact design doesn’t make it sacrifice power, not at all. It uses a 3.5A, 1/2h HP motor of 120 Volts, which is responsible for creating 58 oscillations per minute and 2000 RPM. It covers what we consider is the recommended power of a spindle sander. Powerful enough to work on plenty of materials producing quality results, but not too much power for woodworkers to lose control of their work. Also, this machine comes with five rubber sanding drums, six sanding sleeves, six table inserts, and three spindle washers. Every one of its pieces has different sizes under each category, giving us a welcomed versatility to work on different types of materials with multiple sizes and shapes. The dust port is a disadvantage, though. It is quite small, keeping us from installing a proper vacuum system to maintain the working space clean. In perspective, the Grizzly G0739 does everything you should expect from it. The multi-adaption functionality makes it a favorite for most buyers. If you’re willing to invest in this machine, it will pay off successfully.



5. Delta Woodworking 31-483 Oscillating Spindle Sander

Over the years, Delta has been a top-quality brand that continues to produce incredible tools for workers around the globe. Naturally, they couldn’t miss throwing their take on spindle sanders, and they succeed in providing a machine that offers excellent results. The Delta 31-483 is a spindle sander that it is not as popular as it should be, sometimes even going unnoticed. After testing it out, we quickly noticed plenty of benefits this machine has to offer, and why it is a valuable choice for woodworkers. It is capable of producing uniform and smooth edges on curved materials, which is something that most spindle sanders brag about doing, but they fail. This spindle sander, on the other hand, performs at a quick speed, and one of its best additions is the tilting table. A functional tilting table is often not present in most expensive machines, so that’s why we appreciate that an affordable tool like the Delta 31-483 offers it. It is well-built with a heavy-duty design, which ensures it provides the necessary amount of power. Even so, regardless of how much power demand from it, the machine runs quietly. By offering a comfortable performance, this tool overshadows smaller and cheaper spindle sanders. The dust extraction system comes short when it comes to innovative ideas. Still, it manages to get the job done, leaving your working space clean and visible. On the other hand, the spindle’s size is uncommon. These pieces are 5-1/2-inch tall, which isn’t something you see regularly. If you’re not comfortable with it or consider they’re not adequate, you can still adapt 4.5-inch or 6-inch sanding sleeves.



6. JET 708404 JBOS-5Bench-Top Oscillating Spindle Sander

This oscillating spindle sander shines over most of the competition when it comes to durability and reliability. If you do this type of job regularly, making one investment in these machines is often difficult because most of them can’t withstand the abuse. That is not the case for the Jet 708404 JBOS-5. This machine has a heavy-duty construction that allows it to have a quality performance under different circumstances. The equipment is well-built, and it will stand the test of time. It also ensures you’ll have a reliable sanding tool that keeps up with you through many tasks. Of course, the motor plays a relevant role here. It is a 1/2 HP motor for both light and heavy workloads. The 1-inch spindle works well with the motor capacity, and it ensures quality results without any scratches. The table provides many benefits as well. For instance, it tilts easily, which allows woodworkers to perform a better angled sanding operation. Attaching a fence for specialty sanding is rather quick and fast, too. It also includes a suitable and functional dust port. It may be small, but using a 4-inch extractor works well with it. You can even connect a vacuum through an adapter, and it will do its job by leaving a clean working space for better visibility and organization. Like most woodworking tools, this spindle sander gives us plenty of possibilities to create and design new projects. It delivers a quality performance that reduces the time and effort necessary to produce satisfactory finishes.



7. POWERTEC OS1000 Oscillating Spindle Sander

A fancy design doesn’t necessarily mean a top quality performance. Over the years, manufacturers have created tools that look outstandingly good, but they are not as good as we would expect. For the spindle sanders is no different. Taking a closer look at some of the machines we’ve reviewed through this article, we notice that their design is rather dull. The POWERTEC OS1000, however, is one of the few exceptions. It has an interesting dark design that captivates us. Naturally, a spindle sander should provide more than a fancy look, but the compact construction is one of its best benefits. It weighs roughly 50 pounds. Sure, it is not the lightest tool out there, but woodworkers are still capable of grabbing the cast iron top and place it over many surfaces to start working. Now that we’re talking about it, it the cast iron top size is another one of its advantages. The top size makes this spindle sander suitable for different types of projects, as long as they’re not considerably large. It is a high-quality spindle sander that reduces the vibrations to a low amount. Overall, the POWERTEC OS1000 is a highly comfortable machine that runs smoothly. Nonetheless, it is not perfect. The material for the worm gear is not as durable as you’d expect, and it is prone to stripping or wearing down faster quickly. This issue keeps the machine for being a recommended choice for professional purposes. Still, for its price, this oscillating spindle sander is one of the best you could get.



How to Choose the Best Oscillating Spindle Sanders

Choosing the best spindle sander comes with many considerations you must keep in mind before making the buy. With the following information, we intend to help you learn about the characteristics that make a quality spindle sander.

A Reliable Motor

Looking for a powerful motor might provide plenty of benefits for our tasks, but sometimes an extremely overpowered energy source is not even necessary.

First, sometimes we’re not going to use the full capacity of a machine that provides more than 3/4 HP. Additionally, using more power than needed could make us lose control, which could ruin our work and hurt us.

Most oscillating spindle sanders use 1/2 HP or 3/4 HP motors. This capacity is more than enough to perform the activities, and it is reliable for us to use for plenty of time without losing its functionality.

The motor is responsible for the drum’s RPM, too. When it comes to rotations per minute, the most suitable speeds are from 1,500 to 2,200.

Also, look for the OPM (oscillations per minute). The OPM displays the number of times the drum goes from top to bottom under a minute. For optimum performance, the recommended OPM could be from 25 to 75.


Regardless of which type of spindle sander you decide to buy, the size is always a consideration to keep in mind.

Floor spindle sander design takes up plenty of space, which requires that you make the right preparations before getting one. Otherwise, you won’t have a proper place to put it, and it becomes highly unpleasant and uncomfortable to use.

The other two types of spindle sanders are easier to handle and transport. Their compact design makes the bench-top and portable spindle sander the best pick if you don’t have a large area available to keep a floor spindle sander.

Either way, it is a matter of what the workers need, and what model best fits their demands.

Table Beveling

The table bevel capacity is highly present in almost every floor spindle sanders. Nonetheless, plenty of bench-top includes it as well. It allows workers to sand the stock in a comfortable angle without making awkward movements.

Proper Length

There are plenty of options to pick from the market, but one of the most important features they must include is a suitable oscillating and spindle length to fit your tasks. For instance, knowing the length of the spindle allows you to know the size of the material you can put in it.

On the other hand, the oscillating length is the distance the spindle goes through while it is rotating.

For the spindle’s length, 4-inch long works fine. The oscillating length, however, must be around 15/16 of an inch.

Dust Port

If you want to keep your working space clean, consider buying a spindle sander with a functional dust port. It will keep debris and sawdust from getting in your line of sight, allowing you to have a better look at what you do.

Tips for Using Oscillating Spindle Sander

While most spindle sanders are incredibly easy to use, and they don’t demand high technical knowledge for you to use them properly, there are a couple of tips that you must know to avoid unpleasant scenarios.

Don’t Force It

Using a high amount of pressure on the material against the spindle will ruin your work. To avoid it, use a natural flow to start at one end. Then, move the material across the spindle. Don’t use more strength than necessary.

Guidelines for Higher Precision

Keeping track of your work increases the chance of creating a satisfactory result. Use a pencil or any other marking tool to make accurate measurements over the materials.

Special Attention for Long Curves

While sanding long curves, you might want to move it quickly. Also, making several passes on the curves ensures the material maintains a smooth line.


The dust port allows you to connect a vacuum system and keep the area clean, but there are still other elements that could hurt you. Let’s remember that the spindle sander is a powered automatic tool after all, which is why you want to wear your safety equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the spindle sander do?

The spindle sander is capable of delivering flat and smooth finishes on wood materials. It removes marks, and they also fix rough edges as well. Woodworkers use it to make their projects have an incredible finish after putting it through the spindle sander.

What types of spindle sanders are there?

There are three types of spindle sander: the floor models, which take a large amount of space; the bench-top, for a more compact design; and the portable spindle sanders, which are lighter and you could transport them easily.

Which spindle sander should I get?

It depends on what type of work you will be performing. If you have a workshop and a proper table to install one of these machines, then the bench-top spindle sanders are the best choice. For a job that requires moving around, you should get a lighter and portable model.

Is it safe to use the spindle sander?

Yes, most of them are safe to use. Still, you should use the safety gear. A machine can have many security measures as possible, but they can never erase the risks of an accident.

Is the spindle sander comfortable to use?

In most cases, yes, they are comfortable to use. They may present certain vibrations and some noises, but that’s something hard to avoid while using a motor machine.


There are many options available on the market, but the best spindle sander is one that delivers power and efficiency at equal levels. After reading our review, we hope you have a better idea about what these machines can do, and why they are recommended tools for woodworkers.