SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander Review

A sander is a commonly used power tool which is used for the purpose of smoothing down surfaces with the help of sandpapers. With the help of the tool, you will not have to do all the hard work yourself; rather all the work is going to be done for you. You are only going to steer it in the right direction. One type of sander is the random orbital sander. It is very much like all the other sanders. However, the main difference you will see with this is the random orbital action of the blade itself meaning that the rotation of the head and the disk can vary. This tool comes in three different variations, electric powered, air powered- these are handheld and generally smaller in size- and orbital floor sander, this is much bigger in size and rolls on the floor. One particular brand of this random orbital sander is the SKIL 5” random orbital sander.

SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander Review

The power tool is primarily targeted toward people who are into DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and believe in restoring and renovating their own living space. It is said to make their lives and their work much easier than it would have been if they were to use normal sandpapers to the job Now for a few technical aspects of the power tool, with a 2.8 Amp motor, it is able to deliver an orbit of 12500 orbits per minute. The five-inch platen of the sander has an eight-hole configuration, it makes use of hook and loop sanding disc. It is made of ABS plastic and has rubber overgrip, the motor housing is surrounded by rubber as well. The rubber is important as it makes it easier to hold the sander and work with it.

The Power

It is said to be very powerful, with an amp motor of 2.8 which enables it to have up to 13000 every minute. The powerful motor allows it has a very smooth performance every time.

Easy to Clean Dust Container

This tool comes with a see-through dust container which is also stocked with the non-replaceable microfilter. The added feature makes the whole process much easier and efficient as the dust caused due to the sanding goes right into the dust canister. Detaching it from the sander is actually not very difficult, a few reps will get all the dust out of the container.If you want to further clean up the inside, you will have to do so with the help of compressed air. At certain times the cleanup might become too difficult. Them, purchasing another is a better option altogether.

Speed Control

This particular model of sander will allow you to choose the speed setting so that the right amount of power is used for the job. Not all work will need the same kind of power, so depending on the task in hand, you can adjust the setting to optimize your work and output.

Low Vibration

Sometimes intense vibration might cause your hands to get tired, well, in this case, the tool was designed in a way so that your hands would remain comfortably on the device while the work is being done for you.

Pressure Control Indicator

This indicator is located on the side of the power tool, and this indicator is present so that you have some type of visual which tells you how much downward pressure you are applying on the sander. The indicator goes from green to yellow to red depending on how much pressure you are exerting on the tool. In this case, green meaning light or the right amount of pressure, while red means you are putting too much of it and need to go easy on it.

Also, this feature is there mainly for beginners as they do not have much knowledge about how much pressure is right for which surface or purpose. With time, practice, and use, you are going to get the hang of things.

Sand in Tight Places

At times we might have to sand areas which are usually very difficult to reach, but as the size of the SKIL 5” random orbital sander is small and compact, it is easier to get in and sand those tight areas.



Positive Feedback of The Consumers

As this particular model of sander is mainly aimed toward the people who are beginners or looking to do a small project at home, the size is small. This is viewed as a great plus as it is comfortable to hold on to and work with. You can easily hold on to it with one hand and have sufficient control.

That’s not the only reason why people prefer the size; putting it away is much easier. You can keep them aside with the rest of your tools, and it will not be eating away your space.

Having low vibration is something the customers like, as sometimes the sander needs to be held onto for a long period of time, in that case, if the sander vibrates too many people are going to have tired hands. The low vibration stops that from happening and therefore is able to satisfy its users.

On a more positive note, the sander is durable and not a one job kind of tool. You can use for on many occasions and still see great results and output. It’s a good thing that the tool comes with three sanding discs. You can easily replace them which they no longer perform as they used to.

Negative Feedback of The Consumers

However, one bad thing about the size is that it does not cover as much surface as a larger one would, so the work might take you a bit longer than it would have with another model. But it is a small price to pay for convenience.

Even though it has low vibration, it is noisy. So, having this on for a long time might be the ingredient for a headache or annoyance. This is something you will have to get used to, or you will have a tough time working with it.

On the plus side, even though you can make use of it for some time, but slowly the power will start dying down. It will reach a point where there will be no vibration, and you are going to be the one doing all the manual labor. That is not the reason why you bought the device in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the sander be used to remove paint from a car?

The sander is a very effective and efficient tool to have when you are sanding down any type of surface.

It is possible to use the sander to scrape off the paint from the body of the car, but if you are a beginner, doing so would not be a good option for you, as if you add a bit too much pressure you might cause damage to the metal.  It is better if you let the professionals handle it.

2. How to purchase and replace the dust canister?

If the dust canister somehow breaks before the warranty period is over, then all you have to do is make a call or email SKIL and they will send you a whole new sander. That is a better and a much more convenient option than trying to find a way to replace the canister.

3. Where would it be possible to find replacement sandpapers or sand pads to do the work?

The sand pads will be available to you at various outlets and places. At first, you should go and look into hardware stores near you. Home décor stores would also be a good option, and the possibility of finding sand pads there is very high. And if all else fails, then you can buy them off of the internet.

4. Can a polishing pad be attached to this?

Yes, just like other sanders, you can attach polishing pads to this tool to polish wood or other surfaces. But, make sure you use the sanding accessories of the highest quality so that you see the best results.

You can select the coarse grit, medium grit. Fine grit or even the extra fine grit abrasive sheets can also be used for the best outcome.

Final Words

This one is a pretty good sander in my opinion. Even though it has a few problems but all in all, the performance is great.

So, if you get this one for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.