Triton TSPS450 450W/3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander Review

For any type of woodwork, you are going to require many different types of tools. these tools are all for different purposes and have various uses. Some are good for chopping, cutting while others are used for shaping. More specified tools are also available in the market for smooth the wood. The smoothing tool is the spindle sander. One particular spindle sander we will be talking about and reviewing is the Triton TSPS450 450/3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander. We are going to talk about all the features available and what are the best and the worst parts of the tool.

Triton TSPS450 450W/3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander Review

Triton specializes in making different types of tools. Starting from power tools like saws and sanders, they make work center systems, bench tops where you are going to do the work, hand tools, and even accessories for your tools and the work you are doing in your workshop or even at home. This tool has been specifically made to smooth out any of the detailed work done on wood. It is good at contouring the wood, going over all the curves and the arcs of the woodwork you have done. The small barrel-like shape of the tool makes this task easy and doable. And a much better option than having to do it by hand. It has many other features of the tool which make it very useful and helpful for those who are in the occupation of working with wood. It gets the job in the most precise way possible for a tool. The performance of this is most like to satisfy your needs from a tool such as this one. In the next part, you are going to get a detailed description of each and every one of the features the sander has so that you understand why should or should not go forward with the purchase. This specific model of spindle sander has many different kinds of features which makes it a great product to have in your work station.

Sanding Curves

The spindle sanders are made to help out with sanding wood in areas which are more difficult to reach or find a good angle to smooth it down. The round cylindrical shape of the tool is when enables us to perform the work without breaking a sweat. You can very easily glide the sanding sleeves along with the areas where you need to sand. It is not just good for curves or arcs, you can use this sander to contour the wood for better depth if that’s what you are looking for in your piece. All in all, it can get to places where it is difficult to go with hand and sandpaper.

Rotating Action

For the best to get the best finish and the best smoothening is through the rotating feature of the spindle sander. It spins fast enough so that you would have a much easier time sanding the wood. It is highly efficient and is able to get the best finish you would ask for. Not only is this very fast and efficient with the work, but you will also find isn’t precision unmatched by most other spindle sanders.


This tool has a very good and powerful motor. So, this is more likely to have more speed and will overall perform much better than those with a weaker one. Another good point about having a good and powerful motor is that with time it will not lose its speed or efficiency as fast as many other sanders do after some use.

6 Sanding Sleeves

Now, when you are working on a piece of wood or carving out a piece of furniture it is more likely that it will have some detailing. Some on the curves and arcs are going to be bigger, while others will be smaller. To work all of those angles and curves you should make use you sanding sleeves of different sizes.

That’s where this tool comes in handy. This comes with 6 different sixes of sanding sleeves. So, you can work your way around any of the arcs without having to break a sweat over it.

The different sizes give you the opportunity and the extra help around all smaller details, which is just what you might need from this kind of a device.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the machine for use in a 115-volt outlet?

The products come with a 110-115v corded attached, however, if you want you can convert a 220-volt to 110-volt. If you do so, the warranty provided by the manufacturer will be void, and you can’t make use of it.

2. Why does it come with 5 rubber drums when it has 6 sleeves?

The reason for this is the smallest sleeve directly goes into the shaft. So, you do not need a rubber drum to insert or attach it to the sender.

3. Does the sander come with an assortment of sanding sleeve grit, or is it just the 80-grit?

Triton TSPS450 does not come with a verity of grits, there are just the 80-grit ones. However, if you need other types then you can go to your nearest local hardware store and buy them.

4. How does this one differ from the Wen 6510 and the Shop Fox w1813 and the Grizzly G0739?

They are not all the same, there are some features which are different than the other. One of the sanders has an issue with the sanding sleeve and has a tough time sliding down and cutting into the motor house. The Triton does not have this problem.


All the features have been gone over point by point on this write-up, as well all the good and bad aspects of the sander. Hopefully, you will have an easier time in making a decision after reading this. Alternatively, you can check out our top 7 Best Spindle Sanders List and buy your desired one.